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posibble prices for VW cars in Malaysia

September 15, 2006

the rm166,000 price for a jetta 1.6 IS SIMPLY RIDICULUOUS, and shows how excessive the AP system charges


NAZA or DRB-HICOM to take over troubled Proton?

September 4, 2006

a report in the EDGE business paper says that DRB-HICOM and NAZA group could takeover Proton, as the government wants tp ensure that Proton stays in Malaysian hands.

proton in a 2nd round of discussion with VW!

August 26, 2006

after the failed 1st negotiation, proton and VW are back on the table again. this time its about proton EON becoming a distributor for VW cars in Malaysia. some VW models may even be assembled locally, sources revealed. could we finally lay our hands on a hot VW jetta or passat?

Thailand and other ASEAN countries unhappy with Malaysian”excise duties”

August 24, 2006

thailand express their unhappiness over malaysia’s insistence in imposing “excises duties” and “AP” on made-in-tahiland cars. so did the indonesian and phillipines. however rafidah has denied this, and insist that thailand lowered its “imprt tax” on malaysian-made cars to 5% AFTA from current 20%. however, she didnt mention about the “65-120%” excise duty charges imposed on ASEAN-sourced cars. a toyota vios cost only about rm45,000 in thailand but after excise duty, about rm85,000 locally!

August 21, 2006